New York - August 27th 1877

My Dear Father,

Received your letter and check for £ seven pounds I am very thankful to you it is money I ought to have sent you in place. Dear father I feel very much displeased at myself but America have got so bad that when you make a few hundred dollars it goes again. I earned some money in California the first year but money goes very quick there. If I had taken the notion to come to New York I could have come easy and home too. I am very sorry that I have sent to you for money for I know that money is scarce. I hope soon to be able to send you some. I have not got any work yet but I expect to get sum.

America is about the poorest country you would want to live in today. Mary has no notion of going home I expect to be home be home before Christmas myself with Gods help. Feel very sorry that I came from California, it is a very ruff country live in where you must have your blankets and sleep out. I travelled hundreds of miles to look for work. Tell Eugene that if he was in America he should have to get up early or either sleep in the streets for your nearest friend would not give you one meal. I often think how liberal the Irish people are at home. I hope mother is imprived in her health I hope Tim and Con are well. If there is anything to do mind it, for there is as many starving in America as there was in the bad times in Ireland. Dear father I hope soon to be able to send something home. Must conclude for the present answer this as soon as you have time.

I remain your affectionate son.

J. Moynihan