Atlanta - September 14th 1880

My Dear Father,

Received a letter from Mary on 12th Sept. I can see that you are failing fast. I cant see under heavens why that you have so much trouble with your children. I expect that you could send Eugene to Australia I would not like that, he should come to America wages is so small and it is so hard to find work it is impossible. If he were to know as much as I do he would stay at home and aught to be glad to have a home. I cant see what he wants.

I could not expect to go home before next summer I am living down in the state of Georgia. The climate down here is very mild Winter and Summer is party much about the same. It would cost as much to New York as it would from New York to the old country. My advice to you all is to try and keep your home. If it is the will of God that you have to leave them what all must do some day. I hope that you will be much improved when I here again from you.

I suppose business is very dull in count of famine. I suppose there is lots of wheelwrights in the town. If you are better I would wish that you would let me know all particulars. I hope mother is well I will be impatient until I get an answer. You know that it makes a person very careless and neglectful about their friends you are all the same among strangers.

Dear Father & Mother I must say good boy for this time. So let me know what is the fare to Australia from Ireland. Direct your letter to Mary and she can send it to me.

I remain your affectionate son.

J. Moynihan